Automotive Industries


Automotive software can help you to speed up the innovation and reduce manpower. This software provides quality product which cut costs and boost customer loyalty. And this software provides maximum efficiency. The services of this software only for easy integration and reduces the man power. It offers factory planning solutions to improve the supply chain performance of automotive industry. This software improves enterprise planning and control. Automotive software can help you create quality product cut cost and boost customer loyality.

Professional reports allow you to show your customer what you have checked, and maintain your industry.Insight into solutions and implement the latest trends. This software designed specifically for auto manufacturers, suppliers, and sales and service organizations.Our software helps split you skills and invoices software one or more parties. It offers factory planning solutions to improve the supply chain performance of automotive industrial.Our goal is to empower you with the essential tools and information you need to manage your shop leaner—driving down costs, reducing cycle times, and producing even more satisfied customers.

Healthcare Management


SR Software is one of the best in developing health care software which helps professionals in hospitals and private practices attract new patients and improve communication with existing patients.It also makes it easier for physicians to better manage referral communications between physicians, specialists, department and faculties.

This software is for medical field primarily focused on automatic marketing and customer service processes. The software has used to integrate back –office systems, supports the scale and size of practice and customized features.

Our Healthcare management software has following feature :

  • ⛺ Easy to use, Quick Entry, Quick Reporting, Fast Printing
  • ⛺ SMS integration for quick reports
  • ⛺ Rates can be tax inclusive/exclusive
  • ⛺ Multiple modes of payment (Like Cash, Credit Cards, Meal Pass, City Credit)
  • ⛺ User defined Menu and Modifier with Today's Special
  • ⛺ Manage stock of Items



SR Software helps the higher Education Institutions improve international ranking and reputation through our school management software for university, colleges and research institutions by driving them superior research, boost student performance and streamline finance management.The potential benefits of our school management software include improved student retention and performance, increased revenue and endowment funds, enhanced research quality and safety, superior intellectual property management and management analytics, higher staff productivity and streamlined process.

Our Education management software has following feature :

  • ⛺ Student and teacher's Information
  • ⛺ Parent Access
  • ⛺ Voice Messaging and E-mail Text
  • ⛺ Attendance Management
  • ⛺ Report Cards
  • ⛺ Fee Tracking and Online Payment
  • ⛺ Admission Management
  • ⛺ Library Management
  • ⛺ Transport Management

Hotel Management


Sr Softwares for Hotel Management is designed to manage your complete hotel business. Its invoice module will help you keep the track of your all hotel bills, tax, credit invoices or receipts related to hotel reservation and Transaction.This Software is a fully integrated software package designed to manage your hospitality property.Our implementation professionals will work with you to ensure a perfect fit between your business and our solutions.Our software is to save time for the hotel management.This software will ensure you the complete management of your all human resources, accommodation, food & drink and other hotel related services.This software is user-friendly, profitable hotel Managemnt system package to easily manage bookings, billings, customer information with many feature.

Our Features as follows

  • ⛺ Quality bill generation
  • ⛺ Item wise sales report and analysis
  • ⛺ Multi user and roles support
  • ⛺ Create custom Packages & Plans
  • ⛺ Account Management
  • ⛺ With Complete Reports of each section
  • ⛺ Save the client s information into the database prior to Booking
  • ⛺ Booking for the customer for specific date with advance payment
  • ⛺ Installation is quick & easy



Our Jewelry Software is designed for your retail & wholesale business to manage from customer billing, bar-coding, imaging, return & repair, purchase & planning's, contractors, stocks, finance, to cashier/operator control. Simple and user friendly interface, Secure your data by setting access rights for your employees. Ability to maintain stock as per the same. Maintain records of your customers and suppliers.

Predefined reports which give you complete overview of your sales (daily, monthly etc), profits, Go down wise raw material stock, what is selling and what is not .HDPOS smart is highly customizable for Access rights.Access Rights allows you to provide or restrict access to specific functionalities for various logins. Create as many Logins as you want by creating employees. You can specify access for each button and each menu option individually.

We are developing software for jewelry shop data maintenance. It reduces the manpower you can maintain the stock. We are designing report for easy use. And by using this software you can view all the data whenever you need and fully integrated.We built a different kind of modules to easy understanding. By using many kinds of calculation you can maintain several data.We interact with the user and help the user to solve their maintenance problems. A fully functional stock and accounting software system development specifically for the retail jewelry.



Get your invoice designed the way you like it. Have a personal touch in your bills add your logo, Item images. Use pri-printed stationary to save costs and establish your brand. Connect with your customers better by printing invoices in your regional language. This software offers a simple and easy to use interface.

Scan items quickly at checkout with barcode scanner integration. Track what are you selling more, how much is your wastage, what are your profits etc.Analyze your business with reports like Trial Balance, Profit and Loss & Balance Sheet. Get reports of your stock based on specific custom fields (e.g. Daily sales by category).View reports of customer outstanding, supplier payments to be made.

We provide retail software for various stores,

  • ⛺ Department stores
  • ⛺ Fruits and Vegetables
  • ⛺ Apparels



SR Software develops textile software provides software centric solutions to customers in the enterprise computing space. Based on customer requirement, we provide it in the form of application software so you can secure login from all over the world. Benefits of the software includes control the business from anywhere in the world, save money, modular, customer friendly.Textile software solutions seek to integrate the business processes involving right critical areas in the textile production planning which includes raw material, finance, payroll, inventory, sales and plant maintenance.

This enables the computer to work faster and more efficiently so you can get your work done quicker. We can create programs specifically built and written for your business need. We can sell directly to you anywhere in the country and have someone in all area install the equipment and we can install everything for you and supply you with a service contract to maintain the equipment.

Travel And Transportation


Deliver the right products and services at the right time. Travel and Transportation industries are facing dynamic changes related to scalability, information availability and customer experience. To be competitive Industry players will have to continuously innovate ways to ensure better customers service as well as reduce operational costs through effective use of information technology.

Our in-depth domain knowledge and technological skill sets, helps our customers to address operational, quality, and cost challenges. We bridge the gap between business and technology, with an aim to optimize costs and enhance customer experience.

  • ⛺ Technology and Business Consulting
  • ⛺ Application Support and Maintenance
  • ⛺ Application Development
  • ⛺ Legacy Modernization
  • ⛺ Quality Assurance and Testing Services, Test Automation
  • ⛺ Business Intelligence and Analytics
  • ⛺ System Integration/ Implementation

Wholesale Distribution


Wholesale Distribution software that helps you proactively understand your customers' product and service needs. And follow insight with flawless execution to achieve operational excellence and profitable growth. With the help of wholesale distribution software the industry can gain real-time insights.This software seeking better understanding of the drivers which keeps optimization, profitability during run time.

It helps to send goods and sent goods are maintained in the database very securely. This enterprise real project distribution software for wholesaling business provides integrated inventory management and sales analysis clearly. Increase sales profitably and offer innovative, value-added services It integrates customer service with the enterprise to drive customer satisfaction. It supports efficient direct store delivery. Analyze customer performance and cost-to-serve quickly and accurately .Align sales teams and incentive programs to improve net margins. Maximize savings and cut supplier risk with greater spend visibility. Automate and better manage your rebates processes to improve cash flow.