Mobile Application


Mobile application is widely recognized as a disruptive technology innovation that has forced enterprises to change the way they do business. Organizations face challenges in developing a mobile strategy aligned to their business due to complexities that arise from multiple platforms, devices and delivery channels. Hexwares advisory services can help our clients define a roadmap to develop optimal mobile strategy to achieve business transformation by identifying applications and systems that can be mobile-enabled, the scope of mobilizing them and the business benefits that can be obtained.Our experience across various industries like Banking & Financial Services, Insurance & Healthcare, Travel and Transportation, Manufacturing, Retail and Education will help our clients enhance operational efficiencies while successfully aligning their business needs with mobile and IT.

  • ⛺ Core Mobile Application Testing
  • ⛺ Functional Test Automation
  • ⛺ Open Source Testing Solutions

Mobile applications undergo constant changes due to upgrades in mobile operating systems and the launch of new devices with newer capabilities. With rapid proliferation of devices and platforms, testing assumes significance as vendors and enterprises look at reducing time-to-market cycles, cost and effort while adhering to the latest standards. SRS leverages our testing expertise to provide comprehensive mobile application testing coverage including Functional testing, Compatibility Testing, Usability Testing, Server-side Testing, Performance Testing and other testing services to enable successful deployment.

Desktop Application


SR Software desktop application believe that a strong, integrated Help Desk (Service Desk) solution is a critical factor in bringing real value to your customers (both internal and external). For most end-users, the "Help Desk" is the only point of interaction they may have with the often mysterious and complex workings of your IT organization and the critical technologies that drive your business.

When properly designed, implemented, managed, and empowered, the Help Desk can become more than just a single-point-of-contact for the client user base.Our Services has been providing customized, high-quality Help Desk solutions since 2009, serving varied customers from small non-profit organizations and across industries from manufacturing and pharmaceuticals, to sales and finance.

Our desktop application offer a proven record of meaningful partnerships with our clients, strong industry experience, and above industry standard quality and performance.The Help Desk can become an active participant in your business by driving productivity and efficiency, resulting in higher customer satisfaction and increased profitability. In effect, the Help Desk becomes the "face of IT" to your end-user community - allowing your support organizations to talk with its users, gather feedback, and interpret and analyze trends.We create highly flexible personal desktop environments that are accessible from anywhere.

Your users will gain the capability to go through display and appliance hardware in order to use their desktop that now resides in a protected and managed data center environment.Our Virtual Desktop Services replace a traditional PC with a keyboard, mouse, flat panel display and "cable box" like appliance. CSC VDS creates capabilities on many different platforms and devices using virtualization and secure access technologies. Through this comprehensive and through approach, CSC truly transforms your desktop experience.

Cloud Computing


While operational efficiency, cost reduction and IT agility to address the growing business needs are the key drivers to the adoption of the cloud, the approach to realize these benefits and achieve the desired returns are business context specific. Key Enterprise Challenges to Cloud Adoption.

  • ⛺ Defining the Cloud Strategy and the expectations
  • ⛺ Application portfolio assessment and rationalization
  • ⛺ Identifying business areas, capability, constraints and associated IT infrastructure Analysis
  • ⛺ Understanding of the cloud paradigm and the varied technology /vendor choices
  • ⛺ Compliance with region and industry specific regulations
  • ⛺ Cloud Consulting and Advisory Services
  • ⛺ Cloud Migration Services
  • ⛺ Cloud Application Development & Integration Services
  • ⛺ Cloud Management & Monitoring